Remodel the memory!
Complete the mission to get the reward offering!!!

From April 29th (Fri), we will be reopening after remodeling!
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been patronizing us!
In response to your enthusiastic support, we are going to start the activity of getting rewards for completing tasks!

The event will be held in 3 separate sessions to increase the chances of winning!
Those who win at the free event table will be selected by lottery each day and given various prizes!
Be sure to come and try it out!!!

◆ Outline ◆

STEP1:Play at the free event table!
STEP2:Raid the event table and get a lottery ticket!
STEP3:There is a chance to get a gift through the daily lottery♪

※The winner will be contacted individually by the operator.
※The drawing will take place every day during the event.
※You can participate in the lottery every day if you visit the event desk every day.
※Only if you receive a ticket at the event desk between 0:00 and 23:59 every day will you be eligible to enter the lottery.
※Entries are valid only on the day of the event. It will not be extended to the next day.
※If you start to raid the event desk, you will be automatically entered into this event without the need to apply separately.
※We will provide several free tables, but each person can only register once per day.
※If you receive multiple tickets in a day, you can only use one ticket and the rest are invalid.
※If a person occupies a table by himself/herself, he/she may be disqualified from the lottery.

◆ Notes on gift acquisition ◆

We will ask the winner for the desired number and open it!
The letters are written on the back of the number, and we will give the prize according to the letters♪

※We will contact the winner individually after each day's counting and lottery, so please reply with the number you want.
※Please reply to the winner within 3 days. (For example, the deadline for winners of the 4/1 lottery to reply is 4/3.)
※Please note that if you do not reply within 3 days, the prize will be invalidated.
※The remaining lottery numbers will be updated on the form from time to time so that you can check the status of the lottery and the list of prizes below.

【2nd round】

Prize A: Winning number "3" Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku[SPM]Figures "Hatsune Miku "
Prize B: Winning number "" ※※※※Points
Prize C: Winning number "11" COSTCO Kewpie pasta sauce Variety BOX 12 meals
Prize D: Winning number "13" My Melody ♡Kuromi cold storage Bags
Prize E: Winning number "9" Rilakkuma Rabbit tea time Upside-down PlushXL
Prize F: Winning number "" ※※coupons
Prize G: Winning number "12" Stainless electric kettle 1.1ℓ
Prize H: Winning number "10" One Piece GRANDLINE JOURNEY-PORTGAS.D.ACE-
Prize I: Winning number "1" 5555Points
Prize J: Winning number "" Interior Decoration
Prize K: Winning number "8" Calbee Jagabee mild salt flavor 40gx12pack BIG SIZE
Prize L: Winning number "" ※※figure
Prize M: Winning number "" ※※doll
Prize N: Winning number "" auspicious doll
Prize O: Winning number "7" -Otherworlder Plus- Limuru Tempest Figure

◆During the event◆(Japan time)

1st round:
4/29 (Fri) 15:00 ~ 5/13 (Fri) 23:59
 The event has ended!!

2nd round:
5/14 (Sat) 0:00 ~ 5/28 (Sat) 23:59

3rd round:
5/29 (Sun) 0:00 ~ 6/12 (Sun) 23:59

Puracolla Team