8.5th anniversary event
Mission clear present!

Free play tickets will be given away by lottery from those who win on the free event dedicated machine!

10 people every day! Up to 10 tickets!

◆ Outline ◆

STEP1:Play at the free event table!
STEP2:If you completing tasks the event table, you will automatically enter the lottery!
STEP3:Chance to win free play tickets through daily lottery ♪

※The winner will be contacted individually by the operator.
※The lottery will be held every day during the period.
※You can participate in the lottery every day by completing tasks the event dedicated table every day.
※The lottery will be for those who have won the event exclusive table from 0:00 to 23:59 every day.
※Entries are valid only on the day of the event. It will not be extended to the next day.
※If you completing tasks the event dedicated table, you will be automatically entered, so there is no need to apply from the inquiry form.
※We will provide several free tables, but each person can only register once per day.
※Even if you are completing tasks multiple times in one day, the second and subsequent times will be invalid.
※Please note that if you play the dedicated table many times by yourself, you may not be eligible for the lottery.

◆ Notes on gift acquisition ◆

We will ask the winner for the desired number and open it!
The letters are written on the back of the number, and we will give the prize according to the letters♪

※We will contact the winner individually after each day's counting and lottery, so please reply with the number you want.
※Please reply to the winner within 2 days. (For example, the deadline for winners of the 11/1 lottery to reply is 11/2.)
※Please note that if you do not reply within 2 days, the prize will be invalidated.
※The remaining lottery numbers will be updated on the form from time to time so that you can check the status of the lottery and the list of prizes below.

【Winning prize list】

Check here for lottery status

◆During the event◆(Japan time)

November 1, 2023 0:00 to November 15, 23:59 (Japan time)

Puracole Team