Thank you for using Puracole.
If you are a first time user, please check~♪

How to play Puracole.

For more information on how to play Puracole, check here...
①Select the prize you want from the prize list page!
②Press START to start playing!
※Free play tickets and points are required to play.
③If you clear the acquisition conditions, you will get a prize!
※You can also make a reservation while another user is playing.       
※Reservation restrictions may apply for some popular prizes.       
※For details on prizes, check the prize information on the play screen!       
※If you own a free play ticket, it will be used preferentially.       
※There may be some machines where free play tickets cannot be used.

About Point Purchase

For point purchases, check here...
①Press the + mark on the top right of the page to open the point purchase screen.
②Select your desired payment method and proceed to the payment procedure.

※Point rates vary depending on the payment method.

About winning prizes

For winning prize details, click here...
①The prizes you have won will be placed in your cart. You can check it from delivery.
②By making a delivery request, the item will be delivered to your home.

※The prizes will be held for 14 days from the date of acquisition.
※If more than 15 days have elapsed, the prize will be automatically cancelled.
※Please pay attention to the retention period.

About delivery destination registration and authentication

For shipping address registration and authorization, check here...
①Please register and authenticate your shipping address information from the shipping address on My Page.
②A URL for shipping destination authentication will be sent to the registered email address.
③A verification code (digits ◯) will be sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS.
④Enter the authentication code in the URL you receive to complete the authentication.

※The verification code has an expiration date, so please complete the procedure as soon as possible.
※If authentication is not completed, please contact us using the inquiry form.

About delivery requests

For shipping requests, check here...
①To request delivery, you will need a free delivery ticket or points.
※Please check the shipping information for the points required for shipping.
②Under Delivery, select the prize you wish to receive and request delivery.

※If you select multiple prizes, you can request delivery all at once.
※Please note that once a delivery request is made, it cannot be canceled.
※Please check the ''Shipping Information'' on the banner for the shipping period after receiving your shipping request.
※The duration until dispatch may vary depending on the status of Delivery requests.

About free shipping tickets

For free shipping tickets, check here...
①If you use a free shipping ticket, you can get free shipping or request delivery at a discount.
※Depending on the number of items and region, you may need a free shipping ticket + points.
②The first distribution of free shipping tickets will be A.

A:Immediate distribution on first purchase of points

③Free shipping tickets from the second time onward will be distributed in either B or C.
B:More than a week has passed since you used the free shipping ticket → Immediately distributed by purchasing points.
C:Within one week after using the free shipping ticket →
Free shipping Tickets will be distributed at 5:00 a.m. 7 days after the date of use. (Japantime)

※You can only have one free shipping ticket.
※New tickets will not be distributed if you hold tickets or meet the conditions for the next distribution.
※Applicable to point purchases of 5,000 yen or more in one transaction.
※If the total amount exceeds 5,000 yen, such as 3,000 yen x 2 times = 6,000 yen, it will not be distributed.

About free play tickets

For free play tickets, check here…
①If you use a free play ticket, you can play for free.
※There are some play tables that cannot be used.
②Free play tickets can be obtained in various situations.
★Distributed during login bonus (5 days) after purchasing points.
★Distributed when the specified level is reached.
★Distributed through limited-time events, etc.

③Free play tickets have an expiration date.
A:Login bonus distribution → Valid for 24 hours from distribution
B:Distributed when the specified level is reached → Valid for 24 hours from distribution
C:Distribution due to limited time events, etc. → Varies depending on the event

※To check the expiration date, see My Page → Point related
 → It is listed in the free ticket details (C only)
※Distribution of A and B (valid for 24 hours from distribution) is not listed.

About login bonus

For login bonuses, Check here…
①Just log in and receive up to 3 bonuses a day!
※Bonus will be given by logging in at the timing below!!

A: 00:00~7:59
B: 8:00~15:59
C: 16:00~23:59

※If you log in at all times of A, B, and C, you can receive up to 3 times.
※You can only receive the login bonus once at each timing.

②By purchasing points, you will get an even better
★You will receive more points than usual for 30 days from the date of point purchase.
★From the date of point purchase, you will also receive one free play ticket for 5 days.

※Login points are valid for 30 days from the time of distribution.
※Free play tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time of distribution.

About experience points and levels

For experience points and levels check here…
①EThere are three ways to obtain Exp (experience points)
A:1 play fee × 10% (normal time)
B:1 play fee x 200% (at the time of acquisition)
C:When logging in
(※Varies depending on service usage status)

②And level up as you accumulate Exp!!
For example...
★Level 0 → 1 Required Exp: 20 Exp (※Exp will be reset when achieved)
★Level 1 → 2 Required Exp 30 Exp (※Cumulative Exp 50)
★Level 2 → 3 Required Exp 45 Exp (※Cumulative Exp 95)
As mentioned above, the level will increase.

③In addition, there are rewards according to level up!
★Achieved level 5 → Get 1 free play ticket!!
★Achieve level 10 → Get 1 free play ticket!!
※You can get rewards every time you reach level 5!!

There is also a ticket increase stage!
※For details, please check the "Level Table" on my page.
※Free play tickets are valid for 24 hours from the date of distribution.
※Exp/Lv functions are supplementary services provided for each user ID.
※We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding each customer's current level value and acquisition history.
※We cannot reply to inquiries.

About the favorite function

For Favorites feature, Check here…
①You can register as a favorite on the prize list page.
②You can register by pressing the star on the thumbnail of the prize.
③On the prize list page, select your favorite tab to display only the registered prizes.
④Press the star of the prize you added to your favorites again to remove it from your favorites.

※It will be automatically canceled if you change the way you play or the prize stock runs out.
※This is a useful feature, so please take advantage of it.

Regarding troubleshooting

For troubleshooting information, Check here…
①If a problem occurs, please contact us using the inquiry form.
②If you are currently playing, please play until the acquisition decision is made and then contact us once you have finished.
※If you leave the play screen during play, you will lose ownership.
※If you contact us with the video and content, we will confirm it.
③After confirmation, we will refund the points and tickets for the eligible play.
※If the arm or main body of the prize touches the prize (including the dummy), you may not be able to return it.
※If you cannot stop or move horizontally due to a problem with button operation, please end the play without aiming for the prize or target.
※Please note that we will not be able to respond if 24 hours have passed since the end of the play.

About assist

For assist, Check here…
①We will support you to make it easier for you to acquire at the discretion of our staff.
※Please note that we do not guarantee that you will win the prize.
※Please note that the assist will change the position of the prizes at the discretion of the staff and may not be in the position intended by the customer.
※We do not accept requests for assistance from customers. Also, if the order changes due to inquiries, etc., no compensation will be made for play.
※Assistance will be provided for a series of consecutive plays (in which the right of possession continues).
※Please note that you may not be eligible for this service if your right of possession expires during play.
※If you abuse this assistance service or cause inconvenience to other players, we may place restrictions on your account.
※The right to occupy the stand is 60 seconds after the game start button is displayed. After 60 seconds, possession passes to the next player.

※If you have any other questions or concerns in addition to the above, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Puracole Management Team