Puracolle Great Harvest Festival Plus Bingo !!

Point acquisition campaign is being held !!

Puracolle Great Harvest Festival !!
Point acquisition campaign is being held !!

The long-awaited harvest time has arrived !!
Many delicious vegetables have been ripen!

This time we will add more bingo games !!
When the harvested vegetables are lined up vertically,
horizontally or diagonal, you will get a bingo bonus!!

Let's get a lot of points while harvesting various vegetables ☆

Let's !! Harvest !!

[Vegetable harvesting method]

There are various illustrations on the back of each game station.
By winning a prize at that station,
you will receive points for the vegetable on the back !!
The more prizes you get and the more vegetable you harvest, the more points you can get !!

If you win one prize, you will have harvested the vegetable on the back of the station !!


Sweet Potato



30 Points

50 Points

100 Points

200 Points

If you got one, please send it a message saying,
"I got XX !!" along with the acquired video !!
In that case,
you will receive the target points of harvested vegetables !!

[Large Harvest Bingo]

Furthermore, if the harvested vegetables are lined up in
vertical, horizontal, or diagonal of the following large harvest card this time brq We will give you bingo bonus points !!

If you get a bingo, please send it to support with a word "BINGO"!!
And get 300 points at the big harvest bingo bonus !!

Please note that due to the freshness of the ingredients,
the acquired videos will not be available after the 24:00 hours of the day !!
After getting the bonus points, the harvested ingredients will be reset,
but you can challenge as many times as you want in a day !!

Will haverst a lot, get a lot of points!!

【To customers】

* The acquired video is valid only once.
* The acquired video is valid until 23:59 on the day. After the 24:00 hours, yesterday's video will be invalid.
* This event can be used unlimitedly per person per day.
* Support will check the acquired videos, so it may take some time to give points.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support !!