☆★☆ Puracole event now being held ☆★☆

3 freeplay tickets are presented by item acquisition!

Event target period

July 1, 2020 from am 00:00
Until August 2, 2020 pm 23:59(Japanese time)

[Free ticket acquisition method]

①GET favorite item
②Send us the video of the play whitch you won the item .

【The way HOW you send the videos】

・Tap the person icon at the top right of the screen to get into My Page.  ・Tap the“reach to us”bottom.
 ・Tap the“regard about the play”.
 ・Select the video to be acquired and tap the inquiry about this PLAY.
 ・Press the send button.

③As soon as the support team confirms the video,
  Free tickets will be distributed to your account.
  Please be aware thet the ticket can only be used for 24 hours.

【Please note!】

①This event can only be participat once per day per person.

 The system will be reset at 12AM.(Japanese time)

②Videos of acquired products can be used only one time.

 The same video cannot be used.
③Free ticket distribution may take some
④The validity period of the free tickets

 Calculated for 24 hours from the time of obtaining the product.

 Therefore, the " Videos that have passed 24 hours" will be invalid.
⑤"Acquired videos" during the event period will be eligible.

 Puracolle Management