Prize Acquisition ranking

January Prize Acquisition ranking

Event period

 January 1, 2020 from am00: 00
 Until January 31, 2020 at pm23: 59  (Japan time)

Prize Acquisition ranking Rule description

 During the period, users with a large number of “winned prizes” will be announced in the ranking!
 Points are given according to the ranking!

 1st place 30000 points
 2nd place 20000 points
 3rd place 10000 points
 4th place 8000 points
 5th place 5000 points
 6th place 3000 points
 7th place 10000 points
 8th place 1000 points
 9th place 1000 points
10th place 1000 points

Ranking results will be announced at a later date.