Prize Acquisition ranking

First half of April 2021 Ranking

Event period

From April 1st, 2021 00:00 AM
Until April 15th, 2021 23:59 PM(Japan time)

Prize Acquisition ranking Rule description

 During the period, users with a large number of
 “winned prizes” will be announced in the ranking!
 point are given according to the ranking!

01st10000 pt
02nd7000 pt
03rd5000 pt
04th3000 pt
05th1500 pt
06th1000 pt
07th800 pt
08th700 pt
09th600 pt
10th500 pt

By lottery from those who ranked from 1st to 10th

『Nintendo Switch Lite Color random』×1 person

10 free play tickets x 1 person
5 free play tickets x 1 person
   We will also give you this!


Current halfway result!

Current ranking!

As of 19:40 on April 14, 2021

01 位 あかちゃん 様 167 P
02 位 ころっこ 様 149 P
03 位 かれーぱんちゃん 様 107 P
04 位 いずみ 様 89 P
05 位 ひでHID 様 64 P
06 位 もつ 様 62 P
06 位 k 様 62 P
08 位 なか 様 61 P
09 位 ゆくん880 様 46 P
10 位 りーmam 様 36 P
11 位 めぐ 様 33 P
12 位 しの 様 32 P
13 位 あむ 様 31 P
14 位 kurumi 様 28 P
15 位 hide 様 25 P

The ranking will be announced by nickname.
There may be users with the same name.
We recommend a nickname that can be distinguished from other users.
In case of inappropriate nickname, we will announce it by ID.
Even if the nickname is long, we will announce it by ID.
The expiration date of points will be "30 days" from the time the gift is distributed.
The expiration date of the free play ticket is "7 days" from the date of gift distribution.