Prize Acquisition ranking

★3rd time★ 2020

Event period

From September 14th, 2020 00:00 AM
Until September 20th, 2020 23:59 PM(Japan time)

Prize Acquisition ranking Rule description

 During the period, users with a large number of
 “winned prizes” will be announced in the ranking!
 Free play tickets are given according to the ranking!

01st77 free-play ticket
02nd50 free-play ticket
03rd30 free-play ticket
04th10 free-play ticket
05th07 free-play ticket
06th06 free-play ticket
07th05 free-play ticket
08th04 free-play ticket
09th03 free-play ticket
10th02 free-play ticket

Current halfway result!

Current ranking!

As of 20:00 on September 19, 2020

01 stかれーぱんちゃん25P
02 ndあいうえ男24P
03 rdoilu22P
03 rdPIPI22P
03 rdQ22P
03 rdゆかりん22P
03 rdヒロッピ22P
08 th19P
09 thひよこちゃん18P
10 thE14P
10 thけいたん14P
12 thりな13P
13 thちー12P
13 th芯芯12P
15 thNY11P

The ranking will be announced by nickname.
There may be users with the same name.
We recommend a nickname that can be distinguished from other users.
In case of inappropriate nickname, we will announce it by ID.
Even if the nickname is long, we will announce it by ID.
The expiration date of the free play ticket is "7 days" from the date of gift distribution.