👑Aim for the No.1!
weekly ranking!

We are now holding a Weekly Ranking FES☆!

All you have to do is get a prize during the period and you can participate automatically!
The ranking will be announced in order of the number of prizes won!

The more you get, the more profitable the ranking festival will be!
Get as many as you can and aim for the TOP♪

From small to big, let's go for it!


  1st place3,000 points
  2nd place2,000 points
  3rd place1,500 points
  4th place1,000 points
  5th place800 points
  6th to 10th place500 points
  11th to 20th place300 points

Revenge Prize

Free play tickets 10 x 1 person
Free play tickets 5 x 1 person

free play tickets will be given away by lottery!

*All users who have won prizes during the period, regardless of ranking can be chosen!


Thursday 6th at 23:59


Monday 10th at 15:00

Current results!

Current ranking!

As of 13:00 on May 5, 2021

  01 st あかちゃん 54 P
  02 nd かれーぱんちゃん 37 P
  03 rd とり 35 P
  04 th 水城 28 P
  05 th りーmam 23 P
  05 th NAO 23 P
  07 th なか 22 P
  07 th しの 22 P
  09 th ユミ 15 P
  10 th まーむ 14 P
  10 th GiS 14 P
  12 th ハニー 13 P
  13 th りゅう 12 P
  13 th なあ 12 P
  15 th 退会 11 P
  15 th うつき 11 P
  15 th パンのすけ 11 P
  15 th ころっこ 11 P
  15 th タケちゃん 11 P
  20 th ゆうみ 10 P
  20 th 10 P
  20 th da64w 10 P
  20 th マコトワーク 10 P

【To Customers】

* During the period, the top rankings will be announced by nickname.
* Nicknames may be the same. In that case, please check with support.
* If the nickname is long or if it is judged to be inappropriate, we will announce it by ID.
* The free play ticket for the prize will expire in 7 days from the time the gift is distributed.
* Free points for prizes are valid for 30 days from the time the gift is distributed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Puracolle Support