Happy Halloween Big assembly!

Get bonus points for Halloween
characters that appear after you win!

Campaign Content

Trick or Treat!

This year too, the season of Happy Halloween has arrived!
There are a lot of Halloween characters flying around here and there.

They will appear after you win a prize, so watch the screen and the video of your win carefully!
Some of the more energetic ones seem to appear even while you're playing...
This year's ghosts seem to be inexplicably energetic...☆

If you meet them, you're lucky☆!

Happy Halloween with the various characters!

Bonus Point Details

Get 100 points when a Halloween character appears!

If there are two at the same time, you get 200 points! If there are three of them...
Let's see what we can find today...

And more!
The character may also appear at the end of the video or during play.
There are some who want to show off and some who are shy, so check out the video carefully!

How to check the videos you won

1)Tap "My Page" on the upper right of the TOP page.
2) Tap the "Earned prizes" album.

How to receive points

1)Tap the "My Page" button on the upper right of the top page.
2)Tap the "Contact Us" button.
3) Tap "Inquiries about playing".
4)Tap the "Contact Us" button.
5) Send the video in which the Halloween character appears. When you do, write
"Trick or Treat! '' and send it together.

Please note

* This event is unlimited per person per day. 1 day is from midnight to 11:59pm.
* Videos are valid for 24 hours after acquisition and can only be used once per person. The same video cannot be used.
* Points will be awarded as soon as our support team confirms them. Please note that it may take some time to receive the points.
* The points will be valid for 30 days after they are given out. is set to private or if the content of the post cannot be verified.
* Please post your winning video with the designated #hashtag.
* Please make sure to use your own account. Please be sure to use your own account. * If you submit a false application, your account may be suspended.

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