~The Best Cup Noodle Gachinko Battle
Nissin Yakisoba UFO vs. Cup Noodle

[Cup Noodle Determination Battle Episode II: Boiling Water Strikes Back
Galactic Empire UFO vs. Han Solo Noodle - 100,000 Points Split!

It's the final battle between Sauce Vader and Sauce Skywalker.
Who will be victorious in the true final battle...?

The results are in!

"Nissin Yakisoba UFO vs. Cup Noodle

The winning team is... Cup Noodle


Yakisoba UOO

Cup Noodle



The total number of people in the winning team is...

163 people

For each winning corps.

613 points

The most powerful mercenary, Yuge Fae!

The title of "Yuge Fett," the strongest mercenary
The top three most active members of the winning corps will receive an additional 1,000 points!

あかちゃん21 GET
C6212 GET
まーぼー10 GET

*The points will be divided among all the victorious corps and will be awarded sequentially.
*Please note that there will be a slight time lag in the granting of victory points.
*Thank you very much for participating in the "Nissin Yakisoba UFO vs Cup Noodle" battle to determine the best cup noodle.

【To customers】

*The number of free points for the prizes will be determined based on either (1) or (2).
*The free points for prizes will be valid for 30 days from the time the prizes are distributed.
*Winners of free prize points will be rewarded upon distribution of the points.
*Winners of free points will be rewarded with points. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Puracolle Management Team