UFO vs Yakisoba Ippei-chan:
The Battle for the Yakisoba Cup

This is a space opera!

Galactic Empire UFO
Rebel Ippei-chan

100,000 points divided!

In the year 20XX of the space century,
in a galaxy far, far away...
The commander of the Imperial Army,
"Sauce Vader,"
possesses the overwhelming
power of thick sauce.
With his immense power,
he grabbed the stomachs
of the rebels around the world
and expanded his power.
The rebels, now outnumbered,
are led by their last hope.
With the young warrior
"Source Skywalker"
at the forefront, the smoke signal of the
rebellion was raised to the empire...

Will it be the
Galactic Empire's "UFO"
or the rebels' "Ippei-chan"
who will take over the galaxy?

It's time for
you to take
control of the galaxy!
What will happen
in the battle
between "Sauce Vader"
and "Sauce Skywalker"?
It's all behind the steam...

May the Sauce be with you…

[Event details]

The future of the universe will be determined by what you GET.
Get either "UFO" or "Ippei-chan" products from Cup Yakisoba !!
The camp with the most acquisitions wins.
Divided 100,000 points for all customers who have won the winning camp!!
The fate of the universe is up to you !! Now let's get rid of the steam!!

1) Get the cup yakisoba "UFO"
2) If the number of cup yakisoba "UFO" acquired exceeds "Ippei-chan", "UFO" wins !!
3) 100,000 points will be distributed to all customers who have won "UFO" !!

* The upper limit per person is one part of the total points. Even if you get more than one, we will give you one part of the points.
* If you win both (UFO, Peyoung), you will have voted for both camps. Regardless of the result of victory or defeat, points will always be given !!

[Title of Jedi sauce]

Furthermore !!
An additional 3,000 points will be given to the top 3 most active members of the winning corps !!

* From the winning corps, the top 3 players will be choosen


to 23:59 May 6th, 2021

[Victory conditions]

1) The number of "UFO" exceeds the number of "Ippei-chan".
2) The number of "Ippei-chan" exceeds the number of "UFO".

* The winner will be determined by either (1) or (2).

[Announcement of results]

May 9, 2021, 15:00

[To customers]

* Customers who win the target prize during the target period can automatically participate in the lottery.
* Free points for prizes are valid for 30 days from the time the gift is distributed.
* Winners of free points for prizes will be returned with the distribution of points.
* Customers who participate in the event are deemed to have consented to this content.
* Phone number verification is required to award victory points. Please note that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Puracolle management team