Puracolle Autumn Great Harvest Festival!!

Earn points campaign!!

Appetite of Autumn!!

The long-awaited harvest time has arrived!!
It looks delicious, a lot of autumn food have grown!
While harvesting various foodlet's get a lot of points☆

Let's!! Harvest!!

[Vegetable harvesting method]

There are various food illustrations on the back of each game station
Earn points for the food at the back when you win a prize at that station!!
The more prizes you get, the more food you harvest and the more points you get!

【Harvested vegetables】

If you win a prize, you will have harvested the food that is at the back of the station!!







Sweet Potato




30 points

50 points

100 points

150 points

200 points

If you can harvest all the food in one day, you will get a bonus!! Plus 500 points!

When you harvest some food send a message saying "I got it!"


If you have harvested all the five types of food,
please send us with a word saying "I harvest all!!"!!
We will give you bonus points on the spot!!

Please be aware that due to the issue of the freshness of the food,
the acquired video will be unusable after 24:00 hours every day!!
After getting the bonus points, the harvested ingredients will be reset...

You can challenge any number of times a day!
Let's collect and earn alof of points!

【Please note】

*The acquired video is valid only once.
*The acquired video is valid until 23:59 on the day. The video of yesterday will be invalid after 24:00.
*This event can be used for an unlimited number of days per person.