Making a Hot Stew !!

A campaign to earn
points is now being held !!

It's getting colder ...
In moments like this, you'll want to eat a warm stew ...
At that times, let's collect delicious ingredients and make a special stew !!

Once you have all the ingredients, you will have a delicious hot stew!

Collect various ingredients
and get a stew bonus ☆

Let's cooking♪

[How to collect ingredients]

There are various illustrations
at the back of each game station.

Earn a prize at a game station and
get points from the ingredients on the back!!
The more prizes you get the more ingredients you collect =
the more points you can get!!






30 points

70 points

100 points

150 points

200 points

Please send it with a word,
"I got it" along with the acquired video !!
On the spot, you will
receive points eligible for stew bonus !!

[Stew completion bonus]

Also, if you have got all the ingredients,
you will receive a "Stew Completion Bonus" of 333 points!!
Please send with a word "Stew completed !!" from the inquiry !!
* In this case, it is not necessary to send the acquired video.

Please note that due to the freshness of the ingredients,
the acquired videos will not be valid after 24:00 every day !!
After obtaining the bonus points,
the collected ingredients will be reset,
but you can challenge as many times as you want!!

Let's get a lot of points while collecting a lot of ingredients!!

【To customers】

* The acquired video is valid only once.
* The acquired video is valid until 23:59 on the day.
After 24:00, yesterday's video will be invalid.
* This event can be used unlimitedly per person per day.
* It may take some time for points to be awarded as support will check the acquired videos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!!