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Puracolle Summer Great Harvest Festival!!
Point acquisition campaign!

Holding period
Until August 16, 2020, 23:59(Japan time)

Thank you always for using our services!
The Puracolle Summer great harvest festival!
A point acquisition campaign is being held!!
The long-awaited time for harvest has arrived!
A lot of delicious vegetables are grown!
While collecting a lot of various vegetables, let's GET a lot of points☆

Let's Harvest!!

There are vegetables on the back of each game station!
Earn the item at that game station
and receive a vegetable point from the back!
The more items you'll get, the more vegetables
you can collect and the more points you can get!

Acquiring 1 item means you have harvested
1 vegetable attached to the back of the station!!

If you got a vegetable:
Send us a message saying "I got (name of the vegetable)!"

If you harvest all the three kind of vegetables...

Send a message saying "I take it all!", when you send the video to us.
3 free play tickets will be given at the first full harvest!
From the second time, 300 points will be given!
Please be aware that the acquired video will be unusable after 24:00 due to the problem of the freshness of the vegetables!!

Challenge yourself any number of times a day!!

Haverst a lot!!
and let's get a lot of points!!

【Please note】

*The acquired video is valid only once.
*The acquired video is valid until 23:59 on the day. The video of yesterday will be invalid after 24:00.
*The expiration date of the free play ticket is valid for 24 hours, calculated from when you got all the vegetables.
*Free play tickets can only be given once per day.
*This event can be used for an unlimited number of days per person.

Puracolle management team