GOGO!! GET FREE TICKET campaign is held!!

★GOGO!! GET FREE TICKET Campaign is Held!!★

Eight tickets a day!! Up to 40 tickets for five consecutive days!!

During the campaing period, you can buy points and get a free play tickets
Received every day for 5 consecutive days!!
A very advantageous campaign, START!!
Buy points during the event period at the following hours
And get a free ticket gift!!

① 2 tickets around 00:00
(Validity date 00:00 to 05:59)

② 2 tickets around 06:00
(Validity date 06:00 to 11:59)

③ 2 tickets around 12:00
(Validity period 12:00 to 17:59)

④2 tickets around 18:00
(Validity date 18:00-23:59)

From the day of your purchase, you will get a free gift for 5 days!!
After the day the points was purchased,
I'll give you a present for 5 days!!

40 tickets in total for 5 consecutive days!!

Don't miss this oportunity!!

event period

From August 1 am 00:00
Until August 16 pm 23:59
(Japan time)

[Please Note]
Please note that if you do not have a purchase history for more than 5 days
from the day that you purchased the points, you will be excluded from the 6th day onward.
*Will be Effective from the next distribution time after purchasing the points.
*Free play tickets will be distributed sequentially, so there may be slightly a time difference.
*Free play tickets have a deadline.
*Please understand that the tickets will not be refunded if they expire.

If you have any questions,
Please feel free to contact us.

Puracolle management team