Christmas is coming!!

Find and collect Pokemon, Dragon Quest and Mario Fes !!
Lets get a Christmas present with target prizes!

Santa is busy giving out presents this year too!!

Every year, the Pokemon who help Santa, went out to the festival and don't come back!!

At this rate, we will not be able to deliver your gift!!
Santa, who was in trouble, contacted Puracolle to ask for help

Let's work together to help Santa ... !!

【how to play】

During the period, if you win the target prize, you will receive a candy assortment pack from Santa!

【Target prize】

・ All target related to Pokemon.

・ All target related to Dragon Quest.

・ All target related to Mario Bros.

【How to receive gifts】

Please send the acquisition video of the target prize to support.
At that time, please send it with a message, saying, I GOT XX !!" !!
Get a GET bonus !!
* One GET bonus candy will be included with each prize when the products are delivered.

【Video transmission method】

① Tap the person shape icon at the top right of the screen to go to My Page.
② Tap the inquiry at the bottom.
③ Tap the inquiry about "play".
④ Select the acquired video and tap the inquiry about this PLAY.
⑤ Add a message"I GOT XX !!" and press the send button.


Until 23:59 on December 24, 2020 (Japan time)!

【To customers】

* The acquired video is valid only once.
* The acquired video is valid until 23:59 on the day. After 24:00, previous day videos will be invalid.
* This event can be used unlimitedly per person per day.
* The target videos for this event are limited to the videos acquired during the period.
* During the period, only the acquisition videos of the target characters are valid.

Puracolle Team