ZOO ☆ ZOO great assembling! Point earning campaign now being held !!

ZOO ☆ ZOO great assembling! Point earning campaign now being held !!

GIft Points When it appears on the screen after getting the prize!Point GET!!

After the adquisition chek the video!

 ①Tap My Page at the top right of the TOP page.
 ②Tap the winning prize album.
  The video may appear suddenly at the end,
   so please check firmly untill the end !!
  The points change depending on the animal that appears.
 ★Panda Tomo-kun 111 points

 ★Rabbit Pyonchan 222 points


 ★Chick's Piko-chan 333 points

【Point receiving method】

 ①Tap at MY PAGE on the top right of the page.
 ②Tap Inquiry.
 ③Tap the inquiry about the play.
 ④Select the target acquisition video…
 ⑤Please send along with the animal name that appeared
 Example: Rabbit appears !! "Rabbit Pyon-chan"

 Animals rumors ①
 They seems to appear flying even if you didn't adquired a prize!!
 Of course, this video is also a campaign target!

 Animals rumors ②
 There seems to be days when animals fly around !?
 The appearance rate is higher than usual !?

 Animals rumors ③
 Double the number of points you can get!

【please note】

 ①This event can be used by one person per day without limitation.
  The day is from midnight to 23:59.
 ②Acquired product videos can be used only once per user.
  The same video cannot be used.
 ③Points will be distributed as soon as the support team confirms.
  Please note that it will take some time
 ④The expiration date of points is
  It is valid for 30 days after you win the prize.
 ⑤The acquired video is valid only for 24 hours.

 Puracolle Management Team